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A pioneer in the dissemination of the #CircularFashion concept in Brazil, we work with companies and educational projects to promote change towards

We know that the fashion industry is quickly becoming a leader in the emerging concept of circular economy. From collecting used clothing, 
through redesigning new collections, to intensive research into materials innovation... many groups have been working in a circular manner, at a variety of angles and at various scales. And Brazil, as an important supplier and consumer of fashion, should also act as a change agent.

...from Brazil to the world...

Beside our work on business development support and information on the circular sustainable fashion field in the Brazilian market, ES also works on the internationalization of brands, making the bridge between Brazilian brands that want to evaluate their strength in the international market and the European stores that want to offer products with concept, design and Brazilian soul!

...who we met on the way...

...yes, we admire each one's work and their wonderful contributions to fashionable sustainability!...

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